Awesome Alternative Budget Vacation Ideas

Here are some budget ways to explore and travel if you are in low budget or when you want to travel with a low cost.

Cheap Flight – You look into the list of cheapest flight, so you can get wherever you want within your budget.

Book a last minute tour – Booking a tour in a last minute is the best because usually tour companies gives a discount for those last minute trip as they need to fill-up the vacant seats.

Think Outside the Box – You can skip to the popular destinations or you can travel when it is not summer, like spring or winter. It might be not the best time to visit to your favorite destination but visiting in an off destination can save you a lot of money.

Travel Regionally – Most of people thinks many places around they dreamed of, but they forget to seek a good place around their region. It’s not much as good like to our favorite destinations but the places are still good to tour and unwind, especially that it’s more cheaper.

4 Important Things that You Should Pack When You Travel

Travelling is a fun thing to do, most especially with your family and friends. The only thing I hate about it is when you are stressed out trying to look for things that you forgot to bring. It happens because we tend to be too excited to leave that we forget the important things that should always be packed if we are heading out for a vacation. Here are the things that you should always include in your bags.

  1. tigerbalmTiger balm

If you are traveling to places that you are not familiar with, it is important to carry a Tiger Balm with you. It is a good mosquito ointment because you don’t know when the mosquitos will attack in an unfamiliar place. It is very small, so there should be no problem in carrying it.


  1. sandisk_cruzer_microFlash Drive

Yes, it is important to bring flash drives with you. If you are traveling, the places where you are going to will give you memories that can last a lifetime. Pictures have always been a big part of our lives. Bring multiple storage devices as phone memories may not be enough.


  1. 1280px-first_aid_bagFirst Aid

Before you start getting all the medical supplies in your medicine kit, please take note that you should only bring the basics and not the whole medicine cabinet. Medications for a headache, cough, and flu are essential meds that you need to bring.




  1. padlocks-on-bridge-1478250852m7cPadlocks

Make sure that your belongings are safe all the time. Other establishments may offer security locks for you, but it is still for the best if you bring your own. Another thing is, bring extra locks for your knapsacks if ever you are just going out for a stroll in the streets.

More importantly, you need to relax. Make a checklist ahead so you won’t cram in the last few minutes as if you are taking an