The 4 Most Amazing Theme Parks that You can See

Theme Parks are best known to be the most popular place that you can go to if you are seeking a moment of thrill, fun, and adventure. Wherever you are, theme parks are so popular that you can see a lot of it in all parts of the world. Check out the most amazing theme parks that you can see in the world today.

  1. disneyland-hollywood-067Disney’s the Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is still the undisputed number one theme park in the world. It is located in Lake Buenavista, Florida. It has a lot of attractions that are somehow similar to its sister theme park Disneyland, but Magic Kingdom is way bigger than Disneyland. It is the place where you can enjoy the Splash Mountain and Space Mountain.


  1. tokyo_disneyland_entrance_9407118539Tokyo, Disneyland

I can say that it is a little too close to the top notch Magic Kingdom, but when it comes to Disney, there is really no bad apple that you can throw. It is full of exciting rides that you should experience. The best thing to try in this Tokyo amusement park is the Pooh’s Hunny Hunt. Riding without tracks is the best way to keep your adrenaline rush.


  1. tumblr_nkm5jifkyf1tw2a73o4_1280Disneyland

Of course, as what people say, nothing beats the original. After all these years, the first Disneyland is still on the list. It is located in Anaheim, California and this is the place where you can find nothing but the original rides and attractions like Peter Pan’s Flight, Haunted Mansion, Railroad and lot more.


  1. toyko-disneysea-mysterious-island-nightTokyo DisneySea

It is surely on the list of the top theme parks. After setting the record as the most expensive theme park built for around $4 billion, I would be surprised if I will not be able to see DisneySea on the list. It is the place where you can shiver in fear with the Tower of Horror and scream through StormRider.

These are the top four theme parks that we should all visit at least once in our life. Mark your calendars and prepare yourselves for an amazing treat.

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